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SEO is not just an art, it’s also a science. One of the great things about the field of SEO is that it requires both sides of the brain to work in tandem with one another – the analytical and the creative. The analytical side works with analyzing traffic reports, the most effective methods in converting leads, where to direct that traffic, site structures, and numerous other aspects. The creative side includes designing the site itself, working with layouts, writing content, adding photos, and other creative activities where applicable.

A major part of the analytical/creative facets of SEO include marketing elements and lead conversion elements on web site pages.

Include high positioning of your most valuable/popular products on your home page!

In order to convert leads, several essential items need to appear on the page. One, you need to at least have photos of your product to entice potential clients. If you sell one product, perhaps a blurb about the product including some basic information below, with a text link that goes directly TO the order form. If you sell many products, include your most popular products with a link directly to the order form, and perhaps some kind of informative blurb about the product.

Create informative content pages about all of your products!

If you want to rank for specific key terms for your products, it’s essential to have some informative content that’s done WELL. Bad content will not get you the links that are needed to get your site to the top of Google. Besides, who’s going to want to link to bad content? Good content can take the form of anything from impartial, lengthy reviews about the product, to informative articles about the products’ initial conception, development, and completion. You could even include interviews with the people that created the product. And, if you can obtain that exclusive content, then that will help you when it comes to garnering a more natural linking profile!

A starter page titled after the main keywords you’re targeting would be good enough, and you’ll want to start out with 6-8 paragraphs of content, and you can add to it as you move forward with your SEO campaign. It’s important to educate consumers about your product, and provide compelling enough content to get people in your industry linking back to you, which in turn helps your rankings in the search engines.

Include call to action items on your content pages, and even on your home page where applicable.

If you don’t have call to action items, how are people going to want to move forward within your site or want to contact you about your products? You want to have some kind of form or call to action that entices someone to want to move forward with the purchasing process. This can be anything from a link that says “click here” to a complete, elaborate form that will send the client’s information to you when they submit it. This can also be a picture of the product that you want to sell in addition to your product (maybe an add-on product?) on that page, with descriptive text that says “Click here to buy” or “Click here to find out more”.

Without such strategically-placed call to action items on your page, you stand, at best, a very small chance of converting the leads that land on that page. They’ll just go elsewhere, and to a competitor that does provide an easy way for them to get a hold of you or to order their product.

Now why would you want to send people to a competitor when you know the best way to solve their problems in your industry? Include the appropriate items as discussed above, and you’ll be on your way to obtaining better conversions and better rankings.

Rachel DeAntonio has been a sales and marketing professional since 1992. In 1994, she launched a full-service marketing and communications firm. DeAntonio’s work has garnered awards from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and has led to many successful start-ups. She has authored several trade publications, and, in 2012, began her career in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

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